April 19, 2020
April 19, 2020


What is experience travel? Is it restricted to significant distance trekking through crevasses and mountain extends, or kayaking down whitewater streams, outdoors in tough outcrops en route?

Maybe leaping out of a plane or bungy bouncing gets your heart siphoning. Perhaps experience travel can be viewed as meandering over the globe, searching out spots that couple of voyagers have ever been.

We accept that experience travel is whatever gets you out of your customary range of familiarity, and causes you to feel alive.

It doesn’t really need to be extraordinary, or dangerous. Experience implies something else to everybody.

Some portion of the explanation we made this experience sightseeing blog is to exhibit our adoration and enthusiasm for stretching ourselves as far as possible and discovering special places far and wide.

Throughout the years we’ve been fortunate enough to have some amazing encounters, some of them may be viewed as outrageous or stupid, while others are more energizing than brave.

We’ve stayed outdoors with reindeer herders in Mongolia, and taken a load transport over the Caspian Sea during a rocket strike. We have battled off privateers off the shoreline of Honduras, and ridden off-road bicycles down Death Road in Bolivia.

That doesn’t imply that the response to the inquiry ‘What is experience travel?’ needs to include outrageous exercises however.

A portion of our best undertakings have had nothing to do with terrifying ourselves. A month hiking autonomously around Iran without any plans, no schedule and no guide didn’t see us getting our pulse high, yet it was as yet a mind boggling experience that we generally think about a pleasant experience.

What’s more, that is the magnificence of experience. It very well may be anything you need it to be.

Not all things done has made it onto our experience blog (we’re chipping away at getting them all up there!), however a great deal of our preferred ones can be found in the chronicles of this site.

There are no restrictions to what you may or may not be able to out and about. Life’s too short to even think about living in an air pocket. Venture out of your customary range of familiarity.

So what experiences have we done throughout the years that have stood apart to us?

Made a trip overland from Thailand to Turkey more than two years without taking a solitary flight.

Investigated Hang Son Doong (the world’s biggest cavern) on a 6-day endeavor.

Rode more than 15’000km on two motorbikes around Southeast Asia.

Cruised on a little sailboat in the Caribbean for two months, where we frightened away privateers with our air rifles (genuine story) and experienced the ‘impeccable tempest’ in excess of 150 nautical miles out to the ocean.

Pony trekked to visit the Tsaatan reindeer herders in Northern Mongolia.

Ventured out to Antarctica and South Georgia on some Russian research vessels.

Endure the “World’s Most Dangerous Hike” on Mount Huashan, China.

We are both qualified salvage jumpers with wreck and nitrox accreditations.

Mountain biked down ‘Death Road’ in Bolivia.

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